Uno Habakukk

An Estonian-born artist, based in New York, whose paintings have been showcased across the United States and Estonia. Habakukk’s visual inspiration derives from his childhood memories of growing up in the countryside. The mesmerizing paintings create a dream-like environment of balance and harmony between humans and nature. His deeply rooted sense of love for his motherland has inspired him to create various collections of oil paintings, merging his memories of homeland and graving to relive moments despite being thousands of miles away. His artworks can be found in the possession of multiple former presidents of Estonia, and in various collections across the United States.

Habakukk is born in Ida-Virumaa County, Estonia, betwixt the forests, swamps and lakes of Alutaguse. His childhood passed by running around the woods and meadows with a single worry to get home before darkness. At an early age of ten his pastel painting “Underwater Crustacean” won a grand prize in an European-wide art contest and granted a place in a children’s storybook thereafter. Today many of these memories have found a place in his adult work.

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